Why is Buenos Aires a cradle of technological ventures?

Alejandro Brega
Aug 14, 2019 · 2 min read

New technology companies with disruptive models have changed the nature of value chains, with a particular impact on Latin America.

As an Argentine, I am proud to say that Buenos Aires is the first city in Latin America to offer the best ecosystem for technological entrepreneurship in Latin America.

Despite not having the largest technological ventures in the world, the conditions allowed eleven companies to emerge rapidly over the last two decades and reach values in excess of US $ 1 billion.

What happens with other cities?

In the selection, the study details that it was sought to incorporate a balance between consolidated ecosystems and located in capital cities, as well as other emerging from non-capital cities. The cities chosen as the most suitable were Buenos Aires, Guadalajara, Medellín, Santiago de Chile and San Pablo.

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In these cities, ventures such as Despegar, Globant, MercadoLibre and OLX could be developed in Argentina; B2W, Totvs and Nubank, in Brazil; KIO Networks and Softtek, in Mexico; Crystal Lagoons, in Chile; as well as Rappi, in Colombia.

What’s up with Buenos Aires?

One of the highlights of Buenos Aires has to do with the status of entrepreneurs, which amounts to 50.4%, catalogued by experts as “relatively high.” Also, in this city, 67.7% of people see entrepreneurship as a good job option.

One of the components to improve, according to the report, is financing, which is still under development. Other conditions that can be improved are the deficit of venture capital investors in the enterprises in the expansion stages, macroeconomic and political instability of the country and a small number of managers of venture capital funds that have the capacity to detect potential businesses.


The study details that other conditions to be improved are more flexible strategies that allow generating skills in a short time, such as certifications of knowledge or skills, education for work or technical and technological education. Another challenge is the formation of minimum technological skills that cover all professions. However, analysts detail that “there has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur in the region”.

Alejandro Brega.
Startup founder. I hold a B.S in Computer Science and have extensive experience and interest in technology, e-commerce, cryptocurrencies and online advertising industry (ad-tech). I worked with leading companies like Softbit, MediaFem, OLX Group.

Originally published at TheStartupFounder.com.

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