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Social Media is a huge place of data that can be used for multiple things including predicting upcoming trends, keeping an eye on audience interests and different activities etc. This task can be automated efficiently utilizing web scrapers to give structured data ready to be analysed.

Social media Scraping Tools go through social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. and other well known websites to gather the unstructured data on their websites at a single place in a structured format. This social media data can then be examined for several things.

Software like this goes along with Website Categorization API which classifies a site into a content category. It takes a URL as an input and assigns it into the relevant industry. There’s a lot of Social Media Links Scraper / Social Media Scanner API and Categorizations API available on the internet but Klazify seems to be the most popular above all and should suit all your needs. …


Alejandro Brega — Startups, fintech, e-commerce, crypto and online advertising.

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