As much I love the idea of building 100% remote team and have no problems with it, I have another…
Lukasz Sielski

I’ve been working remote for 6 years now. I got to be there when my first son was born. Then on his first steps, first words, first everything. Even first accident that needed to run to the hospital. Then the same with my second and third kids. Five years later I did start feeling depressed, though. I felt I had not much to talk about to my wife, and started feeling asphyxiated at my own home. Luckily a friend and co-worker of mine had had the same feeling and found the solution: co-working space. I go to a place were other people have the same kind of work, two days a week, and my happiness boosted.

TL;DR: remote work is great, but don’t just stay at home.

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