In great design: little things really matter

Visual Note Taking Exercise @ironhack

I saw the Margaret Gould Stewart talk in TED, this woman have worked for giant websites such as Google, Youtube and she is currently the head of product design at Facebook. We must agree from start that she have something interesting to tell us. From all the experiences she shared during her talk, “little things really matter” keeps ringing the bell with the image of the Facebook LIKE button in the background. I was impressed on how such a small button changed our social dynamics and the entire experience of a product.

Margaret advised us to design with audacity to believe that people want’s and need the product we are making and humility to design for the people not for yourself. That’s why is so important to always keep in mind the question “¿who are we designing for?”, because people really cares about the products they are used to use and we should be aware of this on every step of the design process.

Designing is a combination of art and science, from one side we can use intuition and creativity to find solutions and on the other hand, we can use surveys and analytics (data) to take better desitions. Resolving a problem is not doing what the number tell us, nor what you’re heart is saying, it is a combination of both.

First Sketch Note from Margaret Gould Stewart talk at @TED as part of the UX/UI bootcamp of @Ironhack Barcelona

I really liked how direct pen on paper feels like, they are very analogic media so feels very natural to use them. I realized how important was to make sure that information is represented using graphics, gestures, images, and symbols.

Different to a horizontal writing format of notes, while sketching we can use the entire page space and be playful with the order of the information. In general is a great tool to synthesize, and give life to concepts, especially when we are talking about statistics or complex ideas.

My feeling was that is a very personal tool because even if it looks messy, makes total sense to me. I guess with practice I can improve in order to make sense for a broader audience, but in the meantime, sketching is an incredible personal tool for learning and order you’re ideas.