Stamen has been working on data visualization projects for 15 years(!) — with nine years of blog posts on our work…scattered across a potpourri of blogging platforms. As of today, all our posts from yesteryear have been migrated over to our Medium publication,

We hope you’ll enjoy looking back at some of our work with us. If you aren’t already following @stamen on Twitter now is a good time to start! Kindled by migrating 200+ posts of Stamen’s project work, we’re planning to post semi-regular #TBT’s for a bit, referencing work from the past. Such as:


This week in Stamen history:

Back in 2011 we launched our first iPad app with Nat Geo, in 2010 we announced the launch of Polymaps, and in 2009 we talked about our USAID maps used in the Afghanistan election coverage

Alec Burch

Visualizing data at @Stamen.

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