Brooklynism: The Logic of Junkspace

Girls: The embodiment of hipster neoliberalism


Speculative Drawings for the future of Manhattan

[Congestion] proposes the conquest of each block by a single structure. Each building will become a “house” — a private realm inflated to admit houseguests but not to the point of pretending universality in the spectrum of its offerings. Each “house” will represent a different lifestyle and different ideology. On each floor, the Culture of Congestion will arrange new and exhilarating human activities in unprecedented combinations. Through Fantastic Technology it will be possible to reproduce all “situations” — from the most natural to the most artificial.


inversely defined against three of the Metropolis’s principal characteristics: centralization, verticality, and congestion. The Megalopolis is not centralized and concentrated like the Metropolis but is a distributed agglomeration of preexisting centers. The Megalopolis is therefore defined as a polycentric rather than a monocentric urban organization, taking its cue from the horizontal organization of the interurban freeway rather than the tall buildings or canyon streets of the Metropolis.

LOMEX Proposed route and development

World Trade Center

“Apres l’amour”
Fête Moderne, 1931

New York will be marked by a massive representation of hurt that projects only the overbearing self-pity of the powerful. Instead of the confident beginning of the next chapter, it captures the stumped fundamentalism of the superpower. Call it closure.


“one of Metropolitanites… who used the full potential of the apparatus of Modernity to reach unique levels of perfection, the second simply the remainder of the human race. The only price its locker-room graduates have to pay for their collective narcissism is that of sterility. Their self-induced mutations are not reproducible in future generations.”

Inevitably the distance between center and circumference increases to the breaking point… the recent, belated discovery of the periphery as a zone of potential value… is only a disguised insistence on the priority and of and dependency of the center: without center, no periphery… Conceptually orphaned, the condition of the periphery is made worse by the fact that its mother is still alive.

The Downtown Athletic Club
Obviously unintended, the aesthetics are disturbingly concentration camp-esque in style

To look at Michael and Rick Mast, two lanky, bearded thirtysomethings with a thing for pioneer-chic clothing, is to gaze on a food movement personified. The brothers behind Mast Brothers Chocolate may be Iowa-raised, but Brooklyn — with its entrepreneurial, artisanal-everything vibe — is their spiritual home.

An explosive development in late 2015 outed these brothers essentially as scam artists

There are five chefs and three waiters: one to serve the food, one to arrange the cutlery, one to serve the drinks. We all eat the same food at the same time, but there is no camaraderie between the diners; in fact, we avoid one another, which is preposterous in a room this size. For, at these prices, who would risk marring their experience with an uncontrolled — and uncontrollable — interaction with a stranger who was not in the business of serving you? I quickly realize that to attempt a noncurated social encounter here would be equivalent to asking a fellow diner for some deviant form of sexual intercourse, or a bite of his squid.

Last Exit to Brooklyn

A commitment to craft and precision go into every jar of Cruz’s caramel, and inspire every carton of Applewood Smoked Caramel Almond ice cream we worked together to create.




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