Why I love not having work/life balance

I think work/life balance was something we used to strive for. Today I think the goal posts are different — creating a life that merges work and life so you get the best from both worlds.

It was my day yesterday that inspired this post for me. It was an undeniably crazy day, but a great example of how I mix life and work. Here is what it looked like:

1am Up with 4 year old who had a bad dream.

3am Sleep

6.30am Awake & spent 30 minutes laying in bed with my little boy talking about our days. Then chores, breakfast, getting both of us ready for our days.

8.20am Walk to school for drop off, since he’s in kindy that means puzzles, books & games and time together.

9am Jump in the car. Listen to great podcasts.

9.45am Strategy session with HeartKids to talk about how they can use social media in new ways to grow their community and help more kids with heart disease in our state. Sign up for their Super Boss Day Challenge (follow me on social media for more on that).

11am Negotiate final points on our new office lease while driving (hands-free of course).

11.15am Pick up furniture and training room equipment from my old office.

12.30pm Stop at the shop to buy a birthday present & a cheeky brown rice sushi to eat while I drive.

1pm Back in the office and:
* Review a 36 page lease document & negotiate final points
* Print booklets for a course I’m teaching this weekend (run out of ink)
* Create & send two marketing emails
* Pay three invoices
* Respond to a bunch of urgent emails

2.30pm Walk back to school to pick up my son. Stop at two parks to play on the way home.

3.30pm Take Mr 4 to a friend’s birthday party.

4.20pm Hubbie arrives to take over, and I hop in the car again.

5pm Board meeting for Writing WA

7pm Head home. Pick up dinner on the way home, before stopping to buy ink cartridges and paper to print more training booklets, as well as some office supplies.

8pm Dinner with hubby

8.30pm Print more booklets & write an award application document.

10.30pm Close my laptop and sneak into my son’s room to watch him sleep.

How about you? What is a normal day for you? What does balance look like in your life?

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