Challenge Hiccup #2: June 8 passed and I didn’t post even though I had a draft waiting for an edit.

I knew I was going to have hiccups at the beginning of this challenge. I knew it was going to be hard for me to write consistently and publish everyday.

The goal is to write and publish everyday. No matter the length, no matter the time, as long as it was posted and published.

I completed a week, and as with any milestone, I’d probably celebrate and be like, yeah I can do this, it’s not too hard. LIES, for me, it’s even harder because part of my challenge is to overcome the fear of letting these thoughts live in a public space and just press publish. …

You can do this.

YOU can do this.


Have you ever woke up from an amazing dream and given yourself a pep talk? I did, and dammit it was great. Last night, I reflected on what I posted about Big Magic, and how those lessons ring true for my life which played out in my dream.


With this new understanding, I have to let the who, what, how, and why evolve. Like, this is no longer for the Who — insert invisible people that I use to feel I have to be creating for — this is for me and my own creative expression. Basically, a reprogramming in being authentic and that will attract and build community, the New Who. …

I recently went to Austin and brought along Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear. I picked up this book from Target months ago and never felt like it was the right time to actually sit down and read it.

Do you ever do that? Hold on to a book because you feel like the universe is telling you that you should wait for the right time?

For whatever reason, this trip to Austin felt like the right time to dust it off and bring it along. Well, after reading this book, yes I still believe that. Also, I hoped it had been sooner because this is the kind of book that is packed with so many lessons that I feel if I read this at any point in my life I’ll pick up on different messages and different things will resonate with me at that particular moment. …


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