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Woody Allen is a complicated person and by extension a difficult subject. This is something that really requires some context if you want to be taken seriously, and someone age thirty or less writing for a Simmons website simply don’t have the context I would think is needed here. I’m 42 and Jewish from a very old, very crazy east coast family and I don’t think I have the context to write about Woody Allen. He was the biggest comedian in America before anyone ever heard of Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor or even Redd Foxx and that actually matters.

Just because you’ve seen someone’s work on YouTube or Netflix or discussed it at Cornell does not give you a qualified take unfortunately. Negative fly-by Maverick, the pattern is full. And note to the man on the masthead: Bill, so much of this fluff clickbait mishagas is all filler no killer. You’re better than this.

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