10+ Places To Raise Money Or Accelerate Your Startup In The Twin Cities

A market map of accelerators, Incubators & funding in Minneapolis/St.Paul

market map of incubators,accelerators&

This list is by no means meant to be exhaustive. There are plenty family offices, Universities, corporate venture arms and Angel investors all over the State. I’ve come to find that, often times, you kind of need to be in the “know” in order to be aware of these groups. That’s why I made this map, for people who are just getting started and don’t know where to start— for people who want to get “In The Know” so they can forge their own paths. Either way, I hope you find this helpful!

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I don’t know what i’m doing! Its my first time creating a market map so , any feedback would be much appreciated!😄


To make the cut, each company has to put entrepreneurs first. I can personally vouch for these companies because I’ve worked with them, and they have a proven track record of execution as well as putting entrepreneurs first.

If you have questions about why your organization was not listed feel free to tweet me or email me.

Equity crowd funding — lets anyone invest in. innovative startups and growing companies. Included this one because its new and promises to “disturb” the investment landscape

Incubator/Accelerators — Some not based in Minneapolis and St.Paul like redwingignite and, Great North. Its Awesome! Much love to our neighboring cities

Early Stage Capital — This was a recently re-vitalized aspect of the Eco-system. Others argue that it never existed. The positive thing is that, the people behind these firms are dedicated to putting entrepreneurs first.

Previously wrote about crowdfunding

Thank you! feedback is always appreciated, please comment below or tweet me :)

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