You fired your top talent. I hope you’re happy.
Tony Robinson

Uhh, maybe they updated the article, but they did say they fired the management team responsible for Rick before they fired Rick.

They also said that the meeting where Rick exploded wasn’t where he was fired. That there was time afterwards where they tried to get him on-board with the new approach, and it didn’t work out.

While maybe the focus is on Rick in the article, it’s clearly written from a management perspective, rather than that of co-workers. It’s not exactly a mea culpa, since the author is clear that things were very bad when he got there, but it’s an indictment of management’s preference to rely on a “rockstar” like Rick.

While it would also be nice to read an article about rehabilitating a rockstar-reliant culture, that’s not what happened here, so you’re welcome to write how that works out if you can accomplish it.

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