Student Off Campus Housing Prices in Oxford Mississippi

By: Alec Schicker

The University of Mississippi’s enrollment, to no ones surprise, grew for a 22nd consecutive school year. With seemingly every freshmen class outnumbering the previous one, a series of new dorms were put up on campus to suffice the demand for more, and higher quality on campus student housing. For these dorms there is a fixed rate which is fairly affordable per semester with no utilities to worry about. After students finish their freshmen year most will begin to explore the market of off campus housing in Oxford. These students will come to the quick realization that it is not cheap!

For the most part the window of price of off campus rent you could find will be around $575–$1200 a month(usually not including utilities). A majority of these living places will require a lease starting from the beginning of August till the end of July the following year. With a rent of $625 a month plus $25 a month for utilities an out of town student could be paying upwards of $2,600 in total for the months of December, January, June, and July in which they will not even be living there. There is the alternative of taking summer/winter classes which also costs more money. The student, if possible, could also find someone to sublease.

Even with the expensive cost of housing, students, continually pay these high prices for a place to live. Even places that are not even close to full capacity such as the hub this year won’t budge on rate prices. Blaise Seibt, will be a senior next year and will living in the Hub. He gave me the following statement, “Me and my roommates went to the hub to sign a lease thinking the rate would be lower because no one was living there. They would barely move off of their original rates from previous years. We ended up signing a lease for $590 a month not including utilities.” Blaise, like many other students, was putting off signing a lease to find a deal on a lease rate, but was tired of looking and decided to sign at the Hub.

With the increase in students, there is an increase in demand for off campus housing. There is now a surplus amount of living places for students in Oxford. Some are not even close to being at capacity, yet the prices remain the same!