The fog has lifted
 but everything’s still very blurry
 Where do I go from here?
 so many ideas
 and possibilities
 but nothing’s coming for me
 all the work
 all the efforts
 all the exhaustion
 the 15-hour nights
 and the mornings you can’t even wake up
 waiting for the storms to pass
 one inch at a time.

“i’m okay” doesn’t mean “i’m fine”
 it means:
 I made it out of sleep
 I made it out of bed
 I made it through the morning
 I made it through the anxiety
 and the perspective of overwhelmingness
 I made it to meet you.
 “i’m okay” is an average
 between “i’m good!” and “i’m not feeling well”
 somewhere personally and socially acceptable on the spectrum of emotions
 kind of: “sadness doesn’t want to quit; hope neither”.

I know it’s just an abrupt strike back of
 all the unresolved issues and unfinished businesses.
 Because even on the deepest darkest days, I’m happier than I was yesterday.

Originally published on EveryBreakingWave.

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