The End of the 9 to 5: Dream or Reality?

Sorry Dolly, but during my evening curry I had a thought and Valero aren’t going to like it. But Millennials just might… there, I said the M word.

The 9 to 5. The stable foundation upon capitalism rests its green paper feet. It’s the reason we swear at traffic and its the reason child minders get to look after our imps a few hours a day.

But what if we could work the hours that suits us. Walk in and out of work as we pleased. But always completing the weekly hours required?

The average weekly work time is 34.4 hours a week, for argument sake lets say 35. And now imagine you could work those hours whenever you wanted.

For me: 9 hours a day over 4 days. Monday to Thursday. 7am till 12pm then 2pm till 6pm.

Allowing me more time take trips over the extended weekend and satisfy my wanderlust. And an extra hour lunch in which I can eat well and be creative. More creative time, more exploring and better health.

The Positives?

Stress: The biggest killer. According to the American Psychological Association. Whether you are a morning person or not, choosing the hours where we are more productive allows to complete more tasks and better manage our time.

Gender Equal Recruitment: The figures are clear, not only do men often get paid more on average but company boards are often male dominated. Allowing both Mum and Dad to decide their work hours means it is easier for the mini human responsibility to be split. Meaning recruiters no longer have to worry about the effects of maternity leave. This could even be extended to women being able to work more hours at home whilst pregnant.

Relationships: So the kids want to go to Disney Land but you need to leave on Friday? Now Mum and Dad can come. Your dearly beloved partner is suffering an illness and needs help in the mornings? Work later in the day. Controlling your work hours means spending more time with the people you love. Failing reason 1 and reason 2, this alone means everything.

“Ah you’re just a kid!”

Okay so I understand I’m an idealist but I’m not naive. This would take some seriously good leadership to ensure hours are met, some seriously relaxed customers who don’t mind waiting, and teams that don’t mind waiting till after your 3 hour afternoon super zen yoga session for that meeting.

I would love to know your thoughts?

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