For many businesses, Streak is critical infrastructure that helps keep your business moving. We understand that challenges posed by COVID-19 create a difficult situation for many and we’re striving to do right by our customers and our team. I want to reassure you that Streak is a tool you can rely and count on being available when you need it most.

To do so, we’ve taken a few steps:

We build software with the intention of powering the core work of our customers. If we want Streak to be at the center of business, the very first feature we need to offer is reliability. For us to be successful, we need you to be successful, and availability is where that begins.

We recently had a service interruption from 5:30 AM-8:45 AM PST on Wednesday, October 2nd. During that time, Streak was unreliable or unusable for most customers. This didn’t meet our standards, and we know it didn’t meet yours. …

We built Streak to help businesses push their workflows further and faster. From the beginning, we knew this meant deeply integrating into the tools businesses already use. As a team of former Googlers, we knew G Suite was the obvious choice to base Streak’s platform on. It’s modern, cloud-based, and ubiquitous.

Today, we’re honored to announce Streak is the G Suite Partner of the Year. We’re being recognized for this award both because of our deep integration across G Suite’s line of products and our work on the Google Cloud Platform. Our team has worked with Google to push its…

Today we’re launching an integration we’ve been excited about for a while — Google Hangouts Chat. As an early launch partner of Hangouts Chat, we’ve had the pleasure of using Chat in our company and have seen our usage skyrocket. One thing that was missing for us was an integration with Streak. You can now search Streak boxes, add Chat conversations to boxes, and setup simple Streak notifications to send to Chat. Getting started is easy — type “@Streak” in any room in Chat to add the Streak bot.

Here at Streak, we found that a lot of our internal…

Streak doesn’t have an integration with Gmail, we are Gmail. Because we’re the only CRM built into Google, we’re used to hearing from users that Streak is as important to their business as is Gmail.

Today we’re proud (was hard keeping this secret!) to partner with Google to launch the new Streak Gmail Add-on which will bring Streak inside your native mobile Gmail App (Android today, iOS launching shortly).

We’re excited to say we’re now available anytime, anywhere, on any Android device (iOS soon). Already sold? Get the Add-on here or get help installing here.

Rich Streak Context in Email

Until today, Streak access on…

(Crossposted from Clearbit’s blog)

Building on top of Gmail is hard. Like really hard. Google doesn’t provide any official JavaScript APIs, and indeed seems pretty laissez faire about people building on top of the platform in general.

Then there’s the matter of the generated source code. Just go and click ‘View Source’ on Gmail. If your browser doesn’t end up crashing, you’ll be unpleasantly surprised with a spaghetti of generated markdown.

The rewards for integrating with Gmail though, are large. It’s where a lot of people spend their time — a large and untapped marketplace of professionals. …

Our friends over at Clearbit just unveiled a great new add-on for Gmail that not only shows you more information about the people in your inbox (think original Rapportive on steroids), but also acts as a global address book — allowing you to find emails for new business contacts in seconds. Best of all, it’s built on top of our very own InboxSDK!

After installing Connect, Clearbit will start to display information about the people behind the emails, right in Gmail’s sidebar. …

New API Functionality: MoleView

Allows you to create views similar to Gmail/Inbox ComposeView where you can fill in the contents with your own application specific UI. They behave nicely with each other and with the built-in Gmail/Inbox compose views.

The documentation is available here: and

Too see how Streak is using it see our blog post on our new tasks functionality:

New API Functionality: AppToolbarButtonView

Allows your app to display a button at the top of Gmail/Inbox for general information purposes. It always opens a dropdown which you can fill in your own content with. See here for the docs: see setAppToolbarButton method.

Today we are very proud to introduce a feature we’ve worked really hard to bring you: customizable formulas, right in your pipelines.

Adding formulas to your pipelines is a powerful new way to gain even more insight into your processes. For example, a column that represents how much each deal is worth. In a typical sales pipeline, you might set up your columns like this:

Previously, it would have been necessary to update the “deal value” column manually. This calculation is now easy using Formulas. You’ll be writing and using your own formulas by the end of today’s blog! …

We here at Streak add features daily to improve the experience for all of our users. However, it can sometimes be difficult to know how to perform a specific task or whether Streak supports a particular feature.

Traditionally, users have had to email our support team for help or to ask if we support a particular use case. We’ve recently launched an in-app help system to give you answers much faster and provide far more clarity in how to perform various tasks.

You can access help from the Streak menu at the top of Gmail.

The in app help system…

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