10 ways to find happiness and success right now!

Makes you want to scroll back up doesn’t it? It’s 5:00 am and you decide to amuse yourself, with the ‘list’ right in front of you. The ‘list’ that you presume is written by a 29 year old guy, going through a phase, sipping his coffee in a small cafe in New York. Your cynical demon awakens and you think “A list you say? Why this… this is a jackpot! Get the kids Patricia, we are going to be rich!”

But this is not that. This is not even a list.

This is a mere self realization on my part. I am 24 and by this age, you can assume that I am as lost as lost can be. The myriad of articles that I come across that are bound to give a me ‘quick fix’ to happiness, 7 things to do for success and 8 habits to form ‘effectively’ is crazy! This will always make me highly doubt every any human being out there! How can you assume that your 6 pointer list will be able to cover the 6 billion people in the world? Or even cover a Continent? Or a Country?

I wish instead of a million articles that focus on our inner growth (that too in such a generic way), we should also publish more content that aims at be educating individuals ( young and old) about being kind to one another and just teaching them how to spread goodness everywhere.

Every time I go to any book store, there are a million books on self help and individual stories or ‘how to start your start-up now’ or a whole section on ‘ways to not be single right now’ and so on.

There is no book that teaches being cordial, polite or just being aware of our attitude towards each other. There is no 7 bullet pointer list on how to just be empathetic to people around you in general. There is no self help book or very few that encourage people to make friends not for personal or professional gain but for ‘networking’ or ‘socializing’ but simply for hanging out. Yes, it is okay to have people in your life serving no personal incentive of yours or helping you in your career anyway!

We are constantly bombarded with ‘6 rules to success’ and ‘10 things to adopt right now for a happier life’ followed by links that lead to a list of individuals who are extraordinary and have ‘made it’. How is one even supposed to feel good after going through all of these rules? Are we conforming to an invisible hip culture that dictates terms and rules of happiness for all of us?

I don’t know how to conclude this, or rather conclude this in a better way. I hope I did not sound as bitter as I actually feel when I read those lists. You are probably thinking, if it bothers you so much Aleena, stop reading it. And you’re probably right.

But I just want you to know(whoever you are and resonate with me), life is too short to live by a list that some stranger thought up for you. It’s great that people share their experiences, but don’t think that they apply to you or everyone out there. Somethings work for certain people and somethings don’t….that’s life.

About the Author

Aleena Mashhood is a 24 year old aspiring filmmaker and writer from Pakistan. You can connect with her on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn!