Winning others

Everyone loves to talk about themselves, even we are also only interested in telling others about us. So how should we react in order to prove ourselves on winning or influencing others.

In order to win the conversation we must listen others about their opinion because its in human instinct that every one of us wants to feel important and when we feel that importance we pour our heart out.

So its a proven fact that if you want to influence others first respect and listen them carefully without telling them your own opinion, because if you do so it will show that you want importance too.

So it is better to learn to be a better listener.

Now the question is how we can help ourselves in learning to listen others to show them how much important they are to us, we should inquire others about their interests, about their work experiences and similar other techniques.

We should try to turn the conversation to the point which fascinates or encourages the second person to tell more and more about himself/herself.

Now when I see myself, how I can improve my listening skills I will try to practice listening as many people as I could to develop in me the habit as effectively a possible.

I will try to be a turner to the point on my guest interests so that when he/she speaks , feel importance and try to refrain my natural instinct of interrupting others when they are speaking.

I would try to take or show my utmost interest in listening and asking questions about his/her being or interests.