Peace and Love Man-Xmas edition:

Christmas is right around the corner (next weekend to be exact), and although it may not seem like it can possibly be here-because man wasn’t it January 1st like last week?-it is. Now is the time that panic induced shopping becomes the norm and holiday spirit gets pushed off until everything is done and all of the stress has left. Spoiler Alert!! The craziness isn’t going away-if 2016 has proven anything at all, it has proven that.

So what are we to do!? When is the best time to “spread Christmas cheer by singing loud for all to hear”? (yes, that was an Elf reference if you weren’t sure) Well, since the holiday is next week, I would say now is a good time to get on that. However, I do have a question for you…why is it that we only strap on this spirit of kindness, love, and giving around the so called Holidays-aren’t those things just as good to live by in June as they are in December? Also, what is it about these things that make us want to be a better person? Could love, open and pure, be the actual reason that so many people make those New Years resolutions; and could a little more love during the rest of the year help those resolutions come to pass instead of being forgotten like the magazines you swore you would read monthly and yet somehow they accumulate in that bin beside the couch because you simply “don’t have the time”? It’s funny how that is an excuse that all of us seem to use and although we know it’t not accurate we believe it of each other because if we call someone else out on the fact that we have 1,440 minutes each day to get the important things done, we have to believe it and apply it to our lives as well.

Imagine this, you have $86,400 in the bank and someone steals $10 from you. Do you think about it forever and let it ruin your day-making you miserable? No, I didn’t think so…so why then, when we have 86,400 seconds in the day do we allow one person’s 10 second rant ruin our day-and maybe even many days following?

Spread the love, block out the hate. Yes the ideals of Christmas are great for the holidays and it is a wonderful reminder to focus on the important things, but they are so much greater when applied year round. Let’s be candid for a moment shall we, many of us can’t afford to buy every special person in our lives a gift every day-sometimes its difficult enough doing that once a year-but each and every one of us can afford to share a smile, a laugh, a hug, a kind word, and even a kind thought towards not only those special people in our lives, but also to everyone that we meet throughout our day. Just like people allow 10 seconds of bad to ruin the other 86,400, many also allow 10 seconds of good to lift them up. you never know how long something you say will stay in a persons mind-good or bad.

“United we stand, divided we fall”; that statement is not just true of America but of humans in general. Love brings us closer and helps close the gap on any divides that hate has brought. The hippies had the right idea all along, “Peace and Love man”. So smile this Christmas and share some holiday cheer but don’t forget to continue the joy throughout this upcoming year!

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