How I don’t have an ‘awesome’ job on accident — and how you can have one too

You know what at least three people tell me every month? “Wow, you’re so lucky to have an awesome job.” You guys. I work much harder than I let on. My boss doesn’t just hand me responsibilities, I put together proposals outlining why I should be lead creative on a project. My company has NEVER offered to pay for training (in fact, we have NO budget for it and it’s not in the employee handbook), I put together an outline of why they should pay for a class and how it directly benefits the company (and guess what? they pay up! ☺)

“Why would I get the job? There’s so many people more qualified than me”

You know what our creative director’s NUMBER ONE concern is? Finding REALLY GREAT PEOPLE. And I’ll bet this is the case for any CEO. They’re looking for A-players, top performers, driven people and all they get are 70 identical resumes and cover letters in their inbox. If you TRULY believe you’ll be great at a job, demonstrate that in every way possible. You may THINK you’re competing with 70 people for a job opening, but usually only 3 or 4 applicants are what we would even REMOTELY consider.

Stop applying for more terrible jobs. Find the one you want and work ruthlessly to get it

If you hate your job, find another one. But don’t just mindlessly send your resume over to 50 job openings. Find five. Stalk the crap out of who you will be working for. Find everything they’ve ever done. If they have a pinterest, stalk it. If they’ve written a thesis, read it. If they speak at an event, attend.

If you’re applying for five jobs, those five cover letters, those five emails and those five resumes should be COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. If your e-mail are all variations of one another, no wonder no one replies.

Show them why they should hire you, don’t tell them. When a company is hiring, they’re trying to solve a problem. Don’t say, “I can solve your problem because I’m a (insert adjective/major).” Say, “I want to help you. Here’s how I’ll solve your problem” and literally write out what you would do if you got the job.

If something in your system of applying isn’t working, fix it.

If you’ve been applying for jobs but can’t find one/keep applying for even lamer jobs, FIND WHAT ISN’T WORKING. Do you bomb your interviews? Get better at interviewing. Watch youtube videos, take an online course. Do you never get replies to your e-mails? LEARN TO WRITE BETTER E-MAILS. Read books on sales copy so you learn to sell yourself better. Do you hear back once but then never again? Two words: follow. up. And if your follow ups get ignored, learn how to follow up better.

Your degree/portfolio/certifications/major/education don’t matter as much as you think they do.

Look, your ‘degree’ and formal ‘qualifications’ account for about 50% (probably way less in fact) of the hiring decision. Which means that even if you have 10% of the qualifications required but 110% of the extra stuff their looking for, you have a shot at getting the job.

A lot of what’s holding you back…is you.

99% of the reason you ‘can’t get a good job’ is because of your mental attitude. DO THE WORK.

Ready to actually find a great job?

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