Storytelling is So Much More Than Telling Stories

I think when you are stating more than just facts and figures than you are storytelling. In media now, I see a lot of infographics used as well to use as storytelling. I feel the best marketers use storytelling to connect with their audience on a more personal level. When storytelling it’s important to always have a start, middle, and end. I don’t think storytelling is overused, I actually feel like it’s just starting to be used a lot more than in the past, especially with the rapid use and growth of social media. I feel what makes the term controversial in the realm of content marketing, is some marketers may feel like they need to get straight to the point with their product so they won’t lose the attention of their audiences, while others may feel that telling a story about their product will make more sales or reach the audience on a more personal level. As INC. founder Michelle Manafy wrote in 2015, “Content marketing presents a good framework for delivering valuable information to audiences and tacitly reinforcing companies’ value to them in the process.” My opinion on storytelling is that it’s good to use, especially with social media. Me being a product buyer, when a brand is trying to sell me things via T.V., my smartphone or etc. I like to see a story behind a product. For example, Apple is really good with storytelling, I strongly believe that is why they sell so many of their products.

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