They just didn’t tell you the entire truth.

When we are little they tell us “You can be anything you want”. This is true.

What they don’t tell you, or prepare you for, is what its going to REALLY take to get there and what to expect along the way.

This creates a situation where people end up looking in the mirror wondering “what did I do wrong?”. Mistakenly they think are special in a way that makes it “impossible” for them to achieve success.


They just didn’t tell you the ENTIRE truth.

Society will make you believe, if you let it, that success is for “other people”… and thats a big steaming load of bullshit.

Success IS for you.

You WERE meant to succeed..but success has costs…and you have been brought up to believe that the success of others is due to unseen forces such as luck…. when in reality… it comes down to aspects that are in fact in your control.

Thats a hard FACT for people to accept.

Whether your goal is to get in shape, build a business, raise your family a better way or basically anything out of society’s “norm” criticism & negativity unfortunately comes with the territory.

Not everyone wants you to succeed.

You have to let negativity DRIVE YOU not discourage you. The more ambitious you are and the bigger goals you chase…the more crazy you are gonna sound… and the more negativity you are going to face.

When we are little they paint the picture as if we can just snap our fingers and be anything we want.

They make it seem as if you are the greatest person ever born and everyone will be cheering you on the entire way.

Then the REAL WORLD gets a hold of us and we quickly realize that those people who were supposed to be cheering are more likely throwing rocks and we have to be prepared & willing to fight every minute of every day.

99% of the time those that find the greatest success are the ones who just didn’t give up, regardless of the resistance they faced from anyone!

Just think of that moment when those very same people who criticized you ask you how you did it.

Its fucking awesome.

You were meant to succeed.

It’s your obligation to future generations to set the example of what is truly possible

This post was previously published on Instagram by @mavens_table and @andyfrisella All the credit to them.

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