#JustStart your goals journey!

A story of nervousness, confusion and conclusion!

In the course no. two of Project Work two, we were told to #JustStart our SMART goals, and I was confused as hell because I was unable to get a hold of my thoughts and figure out my SMART goals. It is a nerve-wrenching process because we haven’t been actually told to sit down and develop a plan to achieve our goals. I kept thinking and it kept me distracted for two days, finally I decided to sit down and work on my SMART goals.

Meena’s video in course no. two was a great help. It helped me set my vision, and it was personal because I have also planned to initiate and excel a career in marketing. The “goals and why” chart we developed in project work one was a major help and I was able to list down my SMART goals within the span of two hours.

My first SMART goal was to learn design. I have been planning to learn design since last two years, ever since I saw the diploma courses on the website of Indus Valley School of Arts, I planned on to save money to enroll into the creative advertising course as soon as I get time but when I actually went into depth of my SMART goals, I realized that with a full-time job and a medicine degree, it is not possible to get enrolled into a physical course, so instead of limiting my options to one place, I should start looking for options that I can avail.

I contacted one of my university seniors who has a computer science degree, and asked him to connect me with someone who can teach me design. I focused on the rule from MVTP i.e. “Over-communication” and told him that I am a complete noob in design and I’ll have to learn everything from scratch. After a few conversations, we scheduled our classes in Ramadan. So, I will be able to do initial design after a couple of months of practice.

Moreover, I have got my writing part handled because I am already working at Binate Digital as a content writer. However, while working on my SMART goals I realized that I wasn’t actively reading because of reading block. So, I picked up a book, relatively fast-paced because that way I’ll catch up on my reading faster, I decided to read 10–15 pages each day and so far I have read 240 pages of a book. So, it is all taken care of.

I am very excited plus nervous to keep up with my SMART goals and track my progress. It is going to be one hell of a ride!

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