"Happy Friendship day!!!"
Here she uploaded another picture of herself and her friends and slammed the phone down with a sigh on the fact that how fake things have gone already!?
Where are the friends she is sending her wishes to!? …

Want to improve your Writing!?
This 3 tips will definitely help!!!
1. Reading won't help!!
Damn! I have heard this a thousand times, "read!!! Read a lot!!!" Nope!
Don't do it!
Read indeed but read with understanding, the punctuation, the language, the Vocabulary, the style, making phrases, paragraphs etc!
Simply reading won't help, simply going…

Why to choose Pomodoro Technique !?
⌛Pomodoro is a focus technique, it's very widely used yet very underrated! I didn't really used it too but since a month or so I experimented and used it and I am very impressed with the results! …


Digitalization have made working and finding clients and job so easy but it has also made frauds way more easier than before!

And freelancers and Employees are facing a lot due to this, especially in the money factor!
Companies give you cover letter, promise for a payment and…

Dear Sweetheart,

I wanna ask you something today, Why do we celebrate Mother’s day!?
Is it because I gave birth to you, took care of you, raised you, thought you how to walk, talk and eat that’s why!?
No like really is that why you think we are important, then let me…

I was learning Creative writing and Novel writing courses from various different sources, sites and apps but it was not satisfactory as it should be! To be honest I wasn’t able to connect and things they thought were repetitive, nothing…


I have been hearing this news since last year, I get it last year it was the worst year ever almost all of us were in depression!
But this year too, the scenerio is the same,
News, "A man/woman tested Covid+ve and died…

What has faith meant for me!?

"I bow down at my darkness
Seek for light in my shadow,
I bow down towards shimmerness
Seeking for a tiny little firefly in marrow..."

When we speak of faith the topic of religion is inevitable but I guess it is evitable somewhere somehow…


Well for every writer, writing their first draft is really special experience yet it’s well said that, "First Draft of anything is a sh*t" but that doesn’t make the first draft any less important, because you can always edit the manuscript but if you…

What do you experience when you travel !?

☘️ I have traveled twice alone in this month (I do travel a lot 🙈) once to Saputara and now to Burhanpur. Both completely different places, where one was a hill station other was a religious place but few things were very…

Alefiyah Faeez

Aspiring Author, Reader, Content Creator, Blogger, Freelancer and if you sum that all I am what they call Creative Enterpreneur. Instagram @scribbler_in_rida

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