A Team

“Rent” is a musical drama film directed by Chris Columbus. I don’t recommend this for the minors because of its sensitive theme and content. The story is about a group of friends that are struggling to pay their rent. Two of the characters were suffering with their disease. One of them is a stripper who became an HIV positive. And the other one is Angel, their gay friend, died because he’s already struggling with his AIDS. Their friendship is about to fall down but because of the challenges they’ve faced, they understand why friendship is more important than their ego.

This movie is not safe for kids because of the inappropriate scenes. I think that this movie is intended to raise awareness in AIDS/HIV Disease. And it shows how addiction can ruin your life. Despite of showing improper behaviors, it also shows how powerful the love is. No matter what gender you are.

In the movie, I see the meaning of a song by Ed Sheeran, The A Team. “Light’s gone, day’s end. Struggling to pay rent. Long night’s, strange men..”

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