My Blog IS My Business but It’s Also My Heart & Soul

Original content. That’s what having your own self-hosted website is all about, right? It’s a platform to open up and share about the topics that interest you and your audience. Of course, it takes a little time to gain an audience then check out Google Analytics for the week/month and see exactly which categories they respond to the most. But the question is if your audience say, only responds to 3 or 4 categories….do you drop the rest and never write about them again? Of course not! Should you focus more on the topics that your audience statistically enjoys? Yes….but to an extent.

Ask yourself, did you start a website or blog and create specific topics/categories that you enjoy writing about? Did you build a self-hosted site then were essentially forced to learn the basics of html coding, web design, visual content creation & so much more, and did so solely for others? Your blog can be a business that makes you money if you monetize and market it correctly but to gain an audience, you actually have to talk about things you enjoy and stuff that you know because that’s what makes you an expert at being you! Your blog is your brand and your brand is you.

You started this adventure because you genuinely love to write, you wanted to share your interests and most of all, your story with whomever stumbled onto your site through a Pinterest or Twitter referral, Facebook post or even a link from another blogger or RSS Feed. Of course, you also wanted to teach people about the many trials & errors that got you here so that you can help make it easier for the next shmuck who comes along and says “I think I’ll start working 12–14 hour days for no real money in sight because I don’t care about other people or want to work for myself.” But no one says that! The many wonderful Bloggers & Freelance Writers that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with all have one thing in common….passion. It’s was drives starving artists/writers to keep at it, even if their content is sub par during an off day of writers block. Truly passionate people don’t coast by on re-publishing and linking for statistical purposes because in the end, Google Analytics can only give you data. Can it break down how each person felt after reading an article you wrote or personal story you shared? Can it track the personalities of each unique visitor that came to your site today? Tell you what their favorite season is, whether they like music and if listening to it makes them feel the same way you do when you sing?

This is me smiling :)

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’ve been talking to myself during this entire post but also to every other “newbie blogger” out there with the talent & passion to share whatever means the most to them. If you stick to what makes you happy then market it the right way, you can become however successful you want! Analytics can only tell you so much. SEO rich content for your site or blog already exists in whatever niche you write for, even if you haven’t found your niche yet! It’s been a mere week since I shared my first blog post, sending it out into the ether and I’ve far surpassed the very small goals I set for myself as far as site visitors and page views! Now’s the time to explore the various categories I chose to talk about and start sharing my experiences & interests in them. Fortunately, I know how to market my site and have the social media audience to market it to but if the content is mostly regurgitated from someone else’s words by links that I’ve created, and only on topics that rank high in SEO & SEM, I think I’m missing the point.

I’m the author of the content on my site unless I really love something that I want to share with my audience but even then, I’ll always write an original introduction (as I’ve done a few times already). It might take me a while to become a writing machine that pours out 3–4 amazing pieces of original content daily but I will get there because the point of all this for me is to share my knowledge, my interests and in doing so, build a brand that can be marketed & monetized! In order to accomplish this, my brand & my blog must stay true to itself and be original.

Jessica Adams @alegriasmuse

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Originally published at on August 12, 2015.

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