What to do? Who to be? What to be? How to act? Etc???

Everyone is constantly changing and although their emotions, feelings, thoughts, and actions all come in cycles the gradual process of change still occurs. People change as experiences open up realities in ones head that had never been there. Or change as they realize the reactions and image one gives with age and changing physical features only adds to the possible person that you might be. The potential being that some may think of you due to way you dress or look completely excluding any other possibility because to them you are just as insignificant as they are to you. Although I believe my thoughts to be 100 percent factual that fact is that people don’t change. People’s core emotions, thoughts and way of being are only slightly modified with our current environment. The same kid that procrastinated about his math homework junior high is now overwhelmed with debt as he yet again manages to prolong his responsibilities and succumbs to the cruel and incredibly difficult world. Such contradicting ideas only insinuates that its YOU’RE choice. One must naturally or progressively choose which reality to act upon. Is one going to be bound by pessimistic ideals of a never ending cycle or is one going to see beyond his own flaws and completely alter their reality. Life can either be a series of unfortunate events without purpose or a jigsaw puzzle slowly creating the perfect being. These ideas only allow for one necessary and desirable option . The option that one must progress, grow, and develop into the being that you want to be; completely disregarding the imaginary persona that millions create. So when you ask yourself what type of person you want to be, first realize that you must consciously recognize that you have the power to change, slowly accumulating all the habits, customs or realities that makes you You.

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