The chapter, starts with a short introduction to the different ways graphic designs influence in the daily life of a city. Paula Scher, someone who’s very recognize in her line of work, point to the fact that there are different levels of quantity in the designs that you can see in the signboards hanging on the street of New York. Looking at them, in the video, you can see how, they, more than wanting to create something intelligent and attractive, settle with a product that just reaches the basic standards of a graphic designer work. Once the introduction is done, and we have seen the place where she works, the documentary (Abstract: The Art Of Design) starts to concentrate more in the trajectory her career has had.

According to the description, she started working with designs when she was still a student. But even tough, she worked in one of the most prestigious offices at the time. She even got to design the covers of many music albums, including the hit “Bring in ‘da Noise! Bring in ‘da Funk “, which lead her to her actual popularity. Following this success, and the number of eyes that felt on the album, Scher’s styles started to become the new tendency between graphic designers. As seen in the chapter, she didn’t like that, because she thought her originality wouldn’t be “originality” since everyone were starting to copy her. To fix this perception of her, she changed her style, reaching a more modern tendency.

Nowadays, she works for different companies, and her projects can vary from government’s petitions to something more public, like propaganda for a music event. Paula Scher, has yet to show us her best work, she’s expecting it, wanting to give more to the world. Let’s all wait and see what she does next.


The expositions of “Museo Marco” were something that really impressed me.

Lightopia touched a really modern topic and it showed us the reality in which we lived surrounded by electricity. Since we are really used to it, I don’t think we can really understand the influence it has in our society and daily activities. Besides, as we know, light plays an essential role in our sight, it allow us to appreciate things in a different way depending on how is set in certain areas or situations. With Lightopia we had pretty clear examples of this, the figures, atmospheres and illustrations they created using nothing else than light and common articles, gave us the chance to experienced different feelings. In my case I got caught in the optical illusions light can creat if it used to illuminate a non uniform glassy surface, it was similar to the water pattern we see in pools. Also, the thing that caught my attention was a certain object, the artist used the effect of different light colors to represent what you can create using shadows of different objects.

On the other hand, Jeongmoon Choi, gave a completely different feeling. It also worked with light (fluorescent), and with it the south Korean artist created a completely new world. Since the moment you entered the designated space, you felt as if you had left the building. The optical illusions she managed to reach using nothing else than thread were something really worth watching. I enjoyed the experience very much, I would love to go again if the opportunity is presented one more time.


The 100 — Clarke talking about Bellamy with Lexa.