The Fire of Music and Society

These day music is getting worse each day but there is still some good artist out there who do make good music. Do you agree that it is or do you fall back on what society thinks of what music is? Music is the Heart and soul of people and society. Music brings back many memories for anyone who lived in a musical world.

What is good music and where does it come from? Good music is music that comes from the soul and hits you hard with its beats and connection to what he/she is talking about. From a personal experience, when I was young I would listen to Paramore and I use to listen to this song called Escape Route by them on the the way to school. Each time I listened to their song it kept pulling me in untill one day I understood what the song meant.During this time I was in love with the band called Paramore and there songs because it felt like they understood me as a person.

Good music comes from a variety of back grounds .Good or bad, right or wrong it is still music we listen too. Good music is more of an older term where if you grew up in the sixties and eighties then you would associate this term with legends like Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, and more.

Good music is no longer bad but sometimes vulgar depending on what your taste is and why you like that type of music. Good music is the kind of music that anyone can listen too and agree on without saying or noticing one negative thing about that song. Today music is some what good and kind of easy to agree on depending on what your exposed to as a person. One day music will be fine and dandy with any complaints about cuss words, subject, lyrical contents, and lyrics. Good night people and god bless you, I am sleepy from writing this blog.