“Working here is the best Digital Marketing Masters”

June 2017. When my new boss said “…working at Gigigo is the best Digital Marketing Masters”, I thought that sounded too arrogant, but the truth is, after two years of ‘practical classes’, not even one theorical class! I feel that I already have my degree title under my pillow.

Even though I am not a digital expert, and I do not have the purpose to become a guru, I can understand what surrounds one of the many legs of the digital world, maybe and for my luck, the one and most important (in my opinion): Mobility.

Is not necessary to mention Internet usage rates of a popular research study, just enough to see people around…they do not want to talk personally, they prefer to interact through a mobile screen and be rewarded for that. At least, with some likes and happy emoticons. As millennial (yes, 1982 is yet considered a millennial!), I have seen the quick digital evolution of many industries (banking, health, fashion…), and also love is now mobile! I remember when I taught my mother to pay the services online and introduced her to social media (I just created a monster!). Now I can say I would be happier if I could wash and iron my clothes through my iPhone.

The certain is, digital marketing has to be basic and immediate. Conversions (once known as clients — person that finally buys) are not going to wait for you to do it well. Someone is launching your idea before you do, someone is selling your ideal product whilst you are creating it, someone is inventing the wheel while you are wandering how…However this is not a pessimist thought, is only the driver to think big and be one step ahead others.

It does not matter how much potential has your web or mobile application. If you do not communicate properly and make the right follow up to your main metrics, you will not be able to optimize and be where your leads (old potential clients) are. Think about investing on smart advertising, and guarantee your mobile service is simple, user friendly and most important, fast and stable.

The market is whenever Internet connection is, and one of the main traditional marketing pillars: Segmentation, still be and will be your precious. Focus on your core target and put all the eggs in this bag. You will gain more than what you thought was the way to reach more people.

At last and not less important, engage with your audience is now more alive than ever. Special offers, discounts, loyalty programs and “make it easy”, are the keys to retain and make consumers love your brand, and not only in their minds, even so in their digital wallets!