Summer Love

There’s nothing in life that stays the same. We all change, and the world change with us. I met her, and everything turned blue. That sunny night of summer I understood what having butterflies in the belly means. Maybe it is a cliche, but I knew that my life changed when she kissed me. She awoke a musical part of my heart that had been slept for many years.

Relationships are made of millions of small links, the more links you create with your partner, the stronger your relationship is. We created too many links in only a few days.

We had different plans, our paths were going to be divided at some point, and we both knew it. It wasn’t a “morally accepted” kind of relationship. It was more a protest relationship. We both were done with what life was giving us, and we decide to take the bull by its horns. We decided to enjoy every second left and defy the destiny while not thinking about the consequences of our actions. It was selfish, but it was also amazing. And I have never felt more alive in my life.

I remember one special night. We walked around the city, and we visited our favorite spots. We also listened to our favorite music and share our best memories of our childhood. We ended the night lying in the grass, looking at the starts. Just imagining a future without her was painful. But I was so grateful for life for giving me the chance to love her. But I was mad too. To know the hours by her side were ending.

We loved each other in every way possible. I loved listening to her stories every night. I was in love with the way she saw the world. I wish all people could feel this way at least once in their lives. Honestly, there’s no better way to love. In two weeks I got to knew the best and the worst of her. In two weeks I learned to love her no matter what. I wasn’t thinking about what was going to happen once she was gone. It didn’t matter. The only think that matter was how complete and happy we were. We fully belonged to each other.

Then, one day she was gone. We didn’t even say goodbye. We didn’t have time for goodbyes. We loved each other until the last moment we were together. Deep in my heart, I knew I needed to find a way to see her again. Yes, I was going to kiss her again.

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