Text inspired by “Origins” by Jeffrey MacDaniel

I’m from an universe not very far from here

I’m from the neighbourhood you won’t like to hear…

I’m from that violin smashed by life facts

I’m from a melody finding its path

I’m from a colour still undefined.

I’m from “You’d better be stronger

if this is the show you’ll run”

I’m from desperate voices yelling in silence

I’m the wildest child of the playground but still quiet.

I’m from dancing in the streets and bringing people together

I’m from step-sisters and silent brothers

I’m from empty coffee farms

I’m from those broken arms.

I’m from riding a bike at the quietest square

I’m from riding in circles, there is no end

I’m from fake mouths and warm hearts

I’m from counting down the days to reach heaven as fast as I can

I’m from dark clubs making noise late at night

I’m from silver necklaces hanging a story around

I’m from stealing strangers’ smiles.

I’m from the old pub you love

I’m from seabirds flying away from home

I’m from the naps lasting too long

I’m your unconscious flat note craving for more.

I’m from a careless alley

I’m from “poor people also deserves a colourful door”

I’m from “get on time, please”

I’m from “you’re lovely but you’re crazy”

I’m from “Let’s go bananas”

I’m from “follow that taxi”

I’m from “give me the first flight anywhere”.

I’m from broken jeans and oversized smiles

I’m from trendy laughs.

I’m from unreliable sellers and naive buyers

I’m from dodgy prayers

I’m from loud churches and crowded markets

I’m from any other background in London.

I’m from the last teardrop in a dream teacup

I’m from that place where the words get alive

I’m from mysteryland.

I’m from that meadow you forgot it has its charm

I’m from go down the river and enjoy what you find

I’m from a ghost town where they forgot spell the evil out.

I’m from a fairy tale at the brightest Casino

I’m from the table that is known for Johnny Walker and Black Jack

I’m from a “full house” at 5 am at night…

I’m from “all in” or you’ll die.