Love Brands ❤

Last night a very good friend of mine asked me what “irreplaceable brands” are? At first, I did not know what he meant, but then I realized he was referring to Love Brands. What is a love brand? Love brands are those brands which have gained a space in our hearts, they are so positioned in our minds, and we prefer them over any other brand. Love brands represent our lifestyle, and we feel identify with them. We incorporate them in our daily life in one way or another, and of course they are in our top of our minds.

In a world full of brand, there are some brands more “likeable” than others. A clear example is Disney. Disney enters in our minds and hearts since a young age, at least in the occident world. We grow up with its fairy & heroes stories, the fantasies, etc., and it’s easy to love because of the nature of its own products and what it represent. However, there are other brands that have it more difficult, an example is 3M. Even though they have excellent products and most of us use them in daily basis, the nature of industrial, office or electrics products it’s more difficult to “love”, but most important is more difficult to feel identified with.

A very important thing about love brands is that they build a lifestyle. The brand is no longer just a brand, is a statement, a way of thinking, a perspective of life. Even though your products can be “boring” with a good marketing work you can uplift your brand, just like IKEA did. IKEA designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, a very challenging kind of product to feel identify with. Still it has built a whole concept and experience around the brand that is very interesting.

It takes a lot of time, work and budget to turn into a love brand. However, nowadays a tool that works efficiently to work on your love brand goals, is social media. To be close to your consumers and potential consumers is key, have a straight communication, receive feedback of what they need and want and overall to build a community with trust and closeness with them.


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