How my strategist and writer helped me design and collaboration lead to a successful campaign

JT, Jen, and I
  • The ultimate purpose of this piece of content is to get customers to see conversions in their first 14 days, by prompting them to publish in the first 7 days.
  • By giving examples of LPs a customer may not have thought to create using Unbounce, we aim to inspire customers with a campaign idea to create in their first half of their trial.
  • The examples should be pages that have a high chance of bringing in conversions in someone’s first 14 days of their trial (so they see value quicker).
  • savvy digital marketers from mid-size businesses/teams who regularly run landing pages (to date they’ve likely had a developer create them in house, but they’re giving Unbounce a try to decrease their turnaround time).
  1. Experience Mapping:
Michaeal Aagaard presenting at Call To Action Conference.
Screen shots of before and after usability testing
workflow screenshot of how designers can collaborate with marketing

Latina in tech | Co-founder @shinebootcamp | Designer at @goclio |

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Alejandra Porta

Alejandra Porta

Latina in tech | Co-founder @shinebootcamp | Designer at @goclio |

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