How my strategist and writer helped me design and collaboration lead to a successful campaign

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Back in April of 2015, we started a brand new team here at Unbounce. The main goal of the team was to convince evaluators of our tool to see the value the tool in their first 60 days.

The Team

Our team consists of 3 people. Justin Tsang, Marketing Strategist, Jennifer Pepper, Content Strategist and me the Design Lead.

JT, Jen, and I


Our evaluators are not publishing enough landing pages because they don’t have a campaign to run.

Our proposed solution:

Let’s provide them with an inspiration gallery where they can see high converting pages from our top clients, that they don’t necessary need to be running a campaign to create a landing page.


  • The ultimate purpose of this piece of content is to get customers to see conversions in their first 14 days, by prompting them to publish in the first 7 days.
  • By giving examples of LPs a customer may not have thought to create using Unbounce, we aim to inspire customers with a campaign idea to create in their first half of their trial.
  • The examples should be pages that have a high chance of bringing in conversions in someone’s first 14 days of their trial (so they see value quicker).


  • savvy digital marketers from mid-size businesses/teams who regularly run landing pages (to date they’ve likely had a developer create them in house, but they’re giving Unbounce a try to decrease their turnaround time).


  1. Experience Mapping:

The first lesson I learned was to not jump start the wireframes before understanding the user journey.I went ahead and did wireframes without really understanding the user journey. So I met with my team and went back to the board and used this frame work.

This was good! As we discovered how to properly write the emails as well as for phase 2 give them a recipe on how the main ingredients for a successful landing page! As well as template for copy.

Tip: By having the board already set up it gives trust to the facilator. Based on my previous user journey with the team that the board was empty, it made it seem that I wasn’t as prepared, but this time, although it was only Jen, content strategist and I, she was already at ease (and didn’t feel like oh this will be a waste of time)

2. Research

Part of my process is gathering inspiration or recording some of the interactions or experiences in websites and I catalogue them in a spreadsheet or Atlassian wiki page.

Michaeal Aagaard presenting at Call To Action Conference.

3. Prototype and usability test.

I am a big advocate of usability tests

I believe is a great way to validate feedback (as sometimes can be just opinions, but when you get a client or someone from your target audience giving feedback you can’t help but want to give them the best experience) is also a great way to get the whole team in the same page.

Photo from my co-worker Michael Aagaard who put me in a giant screen in front of 1000 marketers at our annual Call To Action Conference.

I created a prototype in Invision and you can see in the image bellow the changes from before and after usability test. It is important to have the whole team involved in the process of planning the questions, scheduling the meetings as everyone gets more engaged. As a designer is really hard to tell the copy writer to make the copy shorter, but if everyone is in the room and see how the evaluator is interacting with the piece of content and they see how they will skim your piece, is a lot easier to get buy and shorten the copy and make the experience better.

Screen shots of before and after usability testing

3.Collaborate with your team.

In a team of 3 you need to be resourceful. We were running out of time, so we decided to pivot and only show 6 examples of high converting landing pages instead of 10. As well as I created a template in Unbounce where we built this campaign, and got Justin, our marketing strategist and Jen our content strategist the tools they needed to help me build the remaining pages. The template was the same it was just a matter of updating the info and images. This was a big help and true team effort! #collaboration

workflow screenshot of how designers can collaborate with marketing


At the end we were able to deliver our project on time, collaborate and validate our concepts.

You can see the full experience here

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