From a Blog Image to a KickAss Bootcamp

Recently we had a restructure in the marketing team. And now I am on the Awareness team, creating content for the top of the funnel. There are a lot of blog images, ads and inline CTAs that need to be created. Anybody who is in design will know that this type of work can be tedious and not as rewarding, especially coming from a team where our projects had a lot of process and research. But I decided to take this change with open arms and tackle each project with my best attitude.

Amy, our content strategist, came to me asking me for a custom image for a blog piece she was writing. It talked about how in our upcoming conference, Call To Action Conference, our events team made an effort to showcase 50/50 men and woman speakers. I saw this as an opportunity to improve my art and collage skills, and wanted to have fun and experiment with it. So I did! Below is my process.


I gathered a few images that I found inspiring in order to understand the tone of the image that would complement the blog post. Did we wanted it to be provocative? Bold? Aggressive? Cute?

After presenting the moodboards to Amy, we discovered that we actually needed two images.

For the first image we wanted to convey a “lone woman among a sea of men.” And for the second image, we wanted to show a woman being elevated, like how my co-workers Oli and Michael coached Stef to take the CTAConf stage last year.

This is what I came up with.


A woman in the sea of men
Woman elevated by men


The blog post went viral (#PresentHER), and we quickly saw that there was a need for a space where we could multiply this effect. We decided to create a keynote speaker bootcamp to help other woman prepare to be great public speakers.

So we bought a domain and created a landing page, which reflected the colours and brand created for the blog post.

The branding of the the PresentHER landing page needed to match the blog images.

Upon further reflection, though, we realized that we didn’t want to take ownership of the #PresentHER hashtag, so we created a brand new name and identity, CentHER Stage.

You can check out the full project in my portfolio here.

Check out the live site, and if you are a kickass woman in marketing, go ahead and apply! But be hasty — the deadline is September 15!

At the end you never know where each opportunity can take you, so take on every project with your best attitude. Even if it is just and an ad or a blog post image, give it your all and have a little fun along the way!

Latina in tech | Co-founder @shinebootcamp | Designer at @goclio |

Latina in tech | Co-founder @shinebootcamp | Designer at @goclio |