Shifting your attitude

I am going to tell you my recent discovery or better said lesson..

Everyone talks about how to find happiness you need to do something you love. And most of the times is about side projects or passions but rarely I hear about finding happiness where you are at the job you are doing at the moment.

I have had the opportunity to start in a brand new team, the new adoption squad was created in marketing at and I became their designer. I was so excited from the beginning, I will do something different, I will discover more about the customers, our product, improve our on-boarding, I will work with a small team it was only good things coming…

My new team! The Adoption Squad.

It was bittersweet becauseI was enjoying my previous work, the team I was before was doing branding for all the external events at Unbounce, which has been a lot of fun. But kept busy thinking, ok I made up my mind made a big list of pros and cons to make that decision, and it will be awesome.

Then the new designer started, Ainara, and oh man, she was super talented, so motivated, she was so excited and encouraged, she was so eager to be in my previous team… and that’s when it all clicked in.

I was excited to be in my new team, she was excited to be in her new team.

How do we keep being excited and motivated all the time? When does it start to dye down?

Then I started digging deeper. How do we get bitter? and realized that is by not speaking up…by not being honest with ourselves and realizing that that comment really affected me, and then creating scenarios in your head.

My new lead recently gave me the advice to just talk to the person directly. And I did and it was fine, it was all in my head! I have given that advice twice since that happened and I think it has worked fine for both co-workers.

So is so important to communicate. To speak up when something is bothering you, even if it is small. Off course in a constructive way, in a clarifying way not in a complaining way.

Because if you don’t it will build up and that’s when you can become passive aggressive or you can explode, and can become frustration and then you won’t know what to do and go to your manager or hr. and honestly is not up to them, is up to you.

So it is up to us to reflect in our attitude and shift it. We have the power to take initiative and to communicate and give feedback to tell when something is bothering us and not to hold it in.

At the end we come to work for at least 8 hours a day and we need to enjoy every moment of it.

And the more you do it the better you will feel and slowly it will reflect on your work and in your attitude towards others and honestly it’s so worth it!

So let’s communicate and speak up!