Today, there is a wide choice of IoT products that allow us to make our day-to-day lives easier. Switch on an electrical device or even change the colour of our lights are some features we can do with these products. In this post, we will show how to build a Wi-Fi switch to turn on and off any electrical device spending very little money.

What we need?

Where I’m from, humidity is a frequent problem at home. So, it’s good to know the current humidity and temperature to be able to control these factors and have a healthier and warmer environment.

To get this information, all we need is a single-board computer, a proper sensor and some code. This story explains how to display this information in a dashboardto get a clearer view of it.

What We Need?

This is the hardware that I use, but there are others that could be used as well.

When using a repository, it is helpful to know the status of the executed jobs. In our organization, we want to send this information to our communication tool (Slack). We achieve this by using GitHub Actions.

The GitHub documentation defines actions as follows:

GitHub actions are individual tasks that you can combine to create jobs and customize your workflow. You can create your own actions or use and customize actions shared by the GitHub community. (About Actions — GitHub Docs)

There are already actions created by the community. So, why would we want to implement them again?

When we needed…

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

Most (if not all) work environments use a central communication tool. Employees can use it to talk about different projects, discuss company issues, or even talk about personal stuff. We may need other applications and services that are part of the environment to communicate with it.

In our case, we use Slack, and in this story, we will show how to build and post a message using its API with two different approaches.


To make requests against the API it is necessary to have a valid token. To get this token you must have a Slack App (bot user). Once…

Alejandro González

Software engineer @trabe

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