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What Marketing and Advertising Is All About

Marketing and advertising has been carried out under the same premise and conditions for just about a century now. The mediums, the creative approaches, the distribution channels and the measurement strategies have all changed, but its core function is still the same:

Get people to think of themselves as consumers first (being a citizen, a parent, a child, or a friend all comes secondarily).

Use the power of psychology to get them to crave more stuff.

A Brief Look At How Modern-Day Marketing And Advertising Came About

The marketing and advertising known today…

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For all our purpose-driven brand and marketer friends working to transform the way businesses operate in order to better serve humanity and the planet,

We’re breaking down 13 statistics on purpose-driven brands that are exemplary of the opportunities that lie ahead as this revolution goes mainstream.

The bottom line is:

  • People increasingly want to buy from brands serving the greater good. There’s a reason every brand imaginable is now talking about Purpose, from up-and-coming dog apparel company Lucy & Co to the behemoth PepsiCo.
  • Brands that do so and communicate effectively capitalize on increased brand equity, trust, loyalty and market…

Today is Earth Day.

A nice day where we celebrate our home base, giving credit to this incredible life form that allows us to live, breathe and flourish. We buy shirts with slogans like “Protect Your Mother” and brands offer discounts and run campaigns for limited edition Earth Day products celebrating nature, animals, and Earth of course.

It’s a nice gesture to the home that has given us everything, without question. But this day is a joke. It’s too much of a nice, “cute” kind of thing. It’s a celebration of our minuscule efforts in the grand scheme to take…

Mobile advertising is the present and the future. Nothing new there. But within mobile, in-app advertising outside of the social media sphere is becoming increasingly valuable.

Mobile games are becoming particularly valuable for brands as a previously under-tapped channel for engaging with their audiences.

Why is this the case?

First off is the recognition that everyone plays mobile games. More brands and agencies are seeing that games aren’t confined to the “teen male” demographic. That stigma has become a thing of the past.

In fact, most mobile game users are women, while the age breakdown is relatively even across cohorts. These aren’t people that identify…

The inevitable is coming. Big brands are shrinking their TV budgets and this will only continue. That newly freed up money will go primarily to one place: social media. Social media advertising prices will skyrocket in the coming years.

The “golden age” of underpriced social media ads, as Gary Vaynerchuk puts it, will be over.

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Social media advertising has been the cornerstone of paid acquisition and brand awareness for all the new purpose-driven brands that have grown to prominence in recent years.

But what will happen when all of the big brands bid up ad prices to the point where…

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As Purpose-driven brands become more prominent, marketing strategies carried out by non-profits can provide us with some useful guidance. Non-profits focus on how they make us feel. They want us to feel like we are a part of something, something bigger than ourselves.

A cause, a movement, a transformation.

This type of thinking about how advertising makes people feel is a cornerstone of marketing that too often gets overlooked in our industry today. We’re all thinking about numbers and about the technologies and distribution networks at our disposal. Reach. Segmentation. Conversions. …

The growth in consumer interest to purchase from Purpose-driven brands is one of the most pronounced changes in consumer preferences in recent times. Consumers more than ever are interested in buying products from companies not only based on price and quality, but also based on the company’s social impact and purpose. This is true across all industries, from food and retail to technology and beyond, as made evident by the latest 2018 Cone/Porter Novelli Purpose Study.

Consumers are seeking out companies that deliver social impact, a major step beyond the “do no harm” attitude. …

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