This guy’s annoyed because he can no longer make his medium posts look AWESOME.. Also, because this giant image deffinitely looks weird without any text on it

Once again, Medium did everything right. Except for ONE thing.. (well, maybe that was right too, but we still don’t like it).

In a nutshell, that title and this subtitle should both be Inside that huge image above.. But apparently Medium doesn’t want that anymore..

Well; turns out that Medium has been through a lot of changes in the past week or so, and while most of these changes are new-and-improved awesome features that I’m really excited about (As usual), there’s one little thing that’s driving me — and a lot of people — CRAZY.

The thing is that, for some reason, we can no longer place the title of our articles over a huge image at the top in order to show the world how cool and trendy we are.

Majestic article by Chris Broad. (Go check him out!)

To uphold my point, here’s a screenshot of an amazingly interesting article that also looks Incredibly dope because of this — now dead — feature. Now, I know what you’re all thinking: “Oh my God, so Majestic! That’s what Medium should be all about!” well; not really, but it did make a huge difference (at least aesthetically) and we’re now mourning that loss.

I know, I know.. This was most likely done in an attempt to optimize for mobile as it is the future of everything and stuff.. I get it.. Nevertheless, I want to rant a little about it.. Also, I’m sure Ev Williams might be somewhat interested to know how much we really care about this, so there’s that too.

Now, Don’t worry Ev; I’m not unreasonably asking you to “GIVE IT BACK NOW” regardless of the good reasons you must have had to take it away from us.. I’m just trying to point out that we, as users, really loved that “feature” and that it would be awesome if your guys could work on a way to eventually make it available without it interfering with your “Mobile Integration Agenda” (Which we know, deep in our hearts, is in our best interests anyway).

Finally, here’s a totally legit Quote, from one of my favorite writers, which I think addresses very well Medium’s current situation:

“Being able to easily create a header with a cool image as background to make my stuff look awesome is one of the most amazing things a publishing tool has ever offered me”.— Ernest Hemingway

I’m confident Medium will keep improving until it becomes the best publishing tool available (maybe it already is), so I’m going to keep pouring my feedback onto it. That way I can feel like I somehow helped.

Tip: It seems that if you have drafts saved from before these changes came along, you can still publish those drafts with your title on the image (if you saved them that way, of course).