How to shut up. The profitability of silence.

We all love to talk, because we love to be heard, it is the unspoken principle of the crushing success of social media. Yet, speaking is the main reason for our doom.

We do speak too much, we simply can’t help it, but is this costing us? How much, and exactly what is our relentless impulse to speak really costing us?

When we speak, and keep a brief silence just waiting for our turn to speak again, all we are doing is missing out on the opportunity of connecting with actual, valuable human beings.

It is no touchy-feely mumbo jumbo, it is one of the oldest lessons of wisdom. Think about this:

If at least unconsciously, you are trying to know who the hell you are, what you are great at, and how to achieve success, how can we possibly find out what we are best at if we don’t even listen or observe ourselves? Yes, speaking is a tool to muffle your own voice, your own identity.

How the hell can I really begin to stop talking? How to listen?

Let me share with you the one tool that I have turned me, gradually, into a listener, instead of a speaker. Spoiler alert, it is freaking hard.


Word fasting.

Once every month, take one day, typically a weekday will be easier.

Start easy, try 30 minutes first. Then try one hour, then two, you get the idea.

Find a place where nobody, and I mean nobody will bother you.

Take 30 minutes off. Here is the trick: during those 30 minutes, you will turn your cell phone off, you won’t have any contact to any type of electronic device, no books, no magazines, no people, and if possible, not even decorations.

You can’t speak. Shut your mouth. Let your thoughts flow. Listen to those thoughts, observe where your mind wanders. What your body does when you think about bills, what thought is connected to an itch.


How did you do? Was it hard? Exciting? Pour your experience below.

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