Bulk Mailer for Turms Anonymous Message Transport

Alejandro Diaz
May 23, 2019 · 3 min read

Turms AMT (Anonymous Message Transport) is a peer-to-peer messaging system for sending messages between Ethereum addresses. For now there’s only one reason to use it: it pays you Ether for receiving spam!

There are going to be some incredible DApps that are going to be built on Turms AMT. But they don’t exist yet. And in the meantime it’s pretty tough to get people to try out a new messaging system. So for now the reason to try it is that it pays you a little bit of Ether each time you receive a message — a little more than the gas you’ll spend when you execute the register-transaction.

That’s why introducing the bulk-mailer is important — because it’s the first step in getting marketers to send advertisements (spam) to people who have registered with Turms AMT.

The bulk-mailer is a DApp. Here’s how it looks:


  • The bulk mailer uses the same contracts as Turms AMT
  • The contracts were audited by Solidified
  • All Turms messages are peer-to-peer encrypted
  • When you register your Ethereum address you can limit the amount of spam you receive by setting a high “spam fee”
  • The system is completely decentralized
    —It is based on a simple Ethereum smart contract
    —By default messages are stored on the Ethereum blockchain
    —Optionally messages can be stored on Swarm
    —There is no backend server
  • The bulk-mailer code is all open source, on github

Bulk-Mailer Not Hosted

In order to avoid having to sign each transaction individually for each recipient, the bulk-mailer requires you to enter an Ethereum private key. This is different than the Turms AMT DApp, which uses MetaMask to send messages, so it never asks you to enter a private key. Of course your private key is never transmitted or saved. But it’s poor form for any website to ask you to enter a private key. Because of this, the bulk-mailer is not hosted on any website — you need to run it in a sand-boxed environment on your own computer.

High Quality Spam?

It’s worth noting that Turms AMT spam will probably be of higher quality than typical email spam. The reason is simple: since senders need to pay for every message, they’re going to think twice about sending throw-away messages. At any rate, if you decide that you’re getting too many messages, just increase your spam fee to 1000 Ether.

Register Now

Now that there’s a bulk-mailer, I expect that within the next few weeks a couple of intrepid marketers will begin sending out advertisements (aka. spam) — to all Ethereum addresses that have registered with Turms AMT — and the spam-fees will begin to trickle in. If you have an Ethereum address and haven’t registered yet, go to the Turms AMT Dapp — it only costs a few pennies in gas fees — and you’ll more than make that up in spam fees that you’ll collect.

You can find links and articles about Turms on the Alex Diaz un-website.

Alejandro Diaz

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