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Visualization of a convolutional neural network. image source

A NumPy implementation of the famed Convolutional Neural Network: one of the most influential neural network architectures to date.

When Yann LeCun published his work on the development of a new kind of neural network architecture [1], the Convolutional Neural Network (CNN), his work went largely unnoticed. It took 14 years and a team of researchers from The University of Toronto to bring CNN’s into the public’s view during the 2012 ImageNet Computer Vision competition. Their entry, which they named AlexNet after chief architect Alex Krizhevsky, achieved an error of only 15.8% when tasked with classifying millions of images from thousands of categories [2]. …

Alejandro Escontrela

On the first epoch. ML/DL Enthusiast, Georgia Tech Undergrad, and Oxford Comma advocate.

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