Boost your YouTube Channel with Q&A videos

We all want to get new subscribers and more views on our channels. It is how we measure success. Content is key! we all know that, but the sometimes content is hard to come by and quality videos, in particular for some communities, are very hard to do. So how can you get more interactions, quality videos and boost your SEO?

Q&As are very popular nowadays. It is not only on YouTube but perhaps the formats is better known in communities like Reddit.Com as AMA (Ask Me Anything) A format where users would answer questions on a live feed on Reddit.

Q&As are very popular, and they are popular for a reason. It is the perfect video to get better ranking, interaction, and ideas. If you want to grow your channel, or increase your views, make sure to produce a Q&A as soon as you can.

We all know that comments and interaction with your audience is one of those holy goals you need to achieve as a YouTuber, content creator, or marketer. For many beginners at content creation, getting a like or two means a lot, once they get an audience, the desire for comments and interactions are the best thing. We all know the YouTube algorithm has a coding line making interaction priority on the ranking of our videos. 
But no matter how much YouTube wants to create the idea that, as a community, Youtube is a source of seeming interaction, the reality is that, most of the time, YouTube is a one-way communication channel with sporadic responses and little dialogue. So how do we more two-way communication with our audience? The answer: Q&As.

Q&As is perfect for interaction as it technically starts with our audience rather than the creator. A Q&A video is basically a compilation of questions by the community and a simple answer by the creator. As it starts from the community, the interaction is guaranteed. In some of the channels I worked for, I have cases where comments had increased more than 65%! The reason for this increase in interaction is the fact that Q&As humanize the channel and the creator. It creates an atmosphere where the creator is virtually connected with the audience, hence, interactions are prompt with ease. 
Interactions are amazing for SEO, and interaction directly influences YouTube algorithm. What more do you want?

Well, there are some secret advantages that most creators are not aware of when it comes to Q&As.

These kind of videos are a great way to quickly survey your audience and what they are interested in. The questions people ask are the topics they are interested. Check and adapt your content schedule accordingly. When you pick the questions, go for a combination of appealing and common. As you do when you work out your keywords, take your questions to Excel, filter them and work with the most common ones. You will not only be answering to more people, but you will get a very clear and updated idea of the most important topics for your community.

Q&A videos can be recycled into so many different channels. The questions can become several blogs, the answers can be your aim during the next couple of productions. Quick questions can be tweets and users can become winners of a contest.

Q&As can be done everywhere! No matter if you are a travel blogger, a gamer or a fashion YouTuber; you just need your camera and your questions are you are set. It is especially good for people struggling to fill that gap in your content delivery.

There you go! Get your Q&As working and get your interaction up!