SocialGrow (Instagram bot) vs Manual Instagram grow strategy

Instagress is gone. Thousands of Instagram and community managers are scrambling to get the best alternative to Instagress. One of the most popular current alternatives is Social Grow. This new Instagram bot has taken most of the accounts left stranded by Instagress.

As with any bot, you are taking a risk, bots are technically not allowed (Just have a look at the recent news on Instagress and Instagram), but in and age where competition and just the sheer amount of new accounts make it almost impossible for your account to grow purely with posts, even if you posts are amazing, It is necessary to work with technical strategies like follow, unfollow, like, and comment on your niche. Bots like Instagress and Social Grow make it all easier, but it is important to understand that their service is not impossible to do by yourself, in fact, it is something you can do manually. So, Is Social Grow a good alternative to manually handling your Instagram account?

The main thing is this; SocialGrow and all the other bots will allow you to sit back and relax while the software makes all the necessary interactions in the background to make your account grow. How much growth? As a tester, I managed to get 500 likes and 128 followers in 4 days. (look at the peak there)

The problem with bots is related to price, reliability and actual control. Let’s talk about price; at $4.99 per week, SocialGrow has a very similar price to Instagress. For some people, $5 per week on your Instagram account is too much, especially fro a single account. This is especially important for professionals handling several accounts, but for influencers with a single account, this can be a great deal.

At this rate, (we will see if it remains at the same level)
you are getting a follower for $0.030. This is the same level as other bots like Instagress and social envy.

The second thing to consider is reliability, are the followers real? is the rate of likes and followers the same? Simple answer, yes, but there is not a strategy to get 100% real followers. As you know Instagram is full of fake, ghost, or spam accounts. Not even bots can get rid of them. On the bright side, it wouldn’t be different than the result you would get with the manual approach.

The last issue is control and customization. Social Grow gives you simple controls on your account and the strategy they will use. The system relies on automatically identifying accounts related to specific keywords. Social grow will ask you to write between 8 to 11 keywords related to your niche. Next, it will ask you to pick hashtags you want to avoid. This will allow you to control the amount of accounts related to something you don’t want. Once that is established you will get the opportunity to target locations, you can be a specific a cities and pick several of them. It will also allow you to ban some location. That is as customizable as it will get. From there, Social Grow will take care of everything else. The problem is that everything else is also important. The bot will sporadically comment, like and follow accounts. You don’t have control over it, and sometimes you will end up liking one or two accounts or post that are completely unrelated to your brand or even worst, posts that go against your brand.

Is that a big deal? well, it depends. If your account is small and your followers completely immerse in following every step you do, then it is an issue, but with bigger accounts, it shouldn’t be an issue as following accounts on Instagram is a bit simplistic, most of your audience will only look at your post and won’t even look at your interactions on Instagram.

But is that better than Manual growth?

The simple answer is this, bots will get you the same or even better results in a week than if you manually work on your Instagram account for hours. Overall, bots like social grow will make the life easier. The one thing to consider is that bots come with a bit of risk. worst case scenario; they get deleted or end up making your account flagged by Instagram. Best case scenario they make your account grow and your business gets more views. My honest recommendation, get social grow if you are an influencer or business with a single account, but if your work as a social media manager or coordinator for several accounts, then consider other alternatives like MassPlaner and other bots that allow several accounts with one profile and payment.

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