1–800–273–8255; A Performance By Logic

This past Monday it felt as if all of Twitter was sitting in their living room, watching the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards. We all sat and watched as Katy Perry tried to make us laugh, which we found out very quickly wasn’t working too well. We all sat and watched an electrifying performance from self-proclaimed king of rap Kendrick Lamar, and a lovely acoustic set by the very talented Ed Sheeran. Now these performances were great, I personally rewatched Mr. Lamar’s set a number of times, but they, along with most of the other performances, were expected. I knew Sheeran was going to deliver a performance with his guitar, knew Katy Perry was going to go over the top with her visual effects. What did strike me however, was a performance from Maryland rapper Logic.

Now I’ve never personally been a fan of Logic’s music, but this performance struck a cord with me and left everyone watching in awe. The reason? It’s powerful message. Making his first ever MTV VMA debut Logic decided to perform 1–800–273–8255, a song written from the perspective of an individual calling the suicide prevention hotline wanting to end their own life. While the message of suicide prevention has even expressed by other artists in the past, it was the fact that Logic used such a mainstream platform to bring attention to this issue that was impressive. Throughout the performance Logic had a beautiful musical arrangement, and towards the end of his set suicide survivors were brought on stage and put in the spotlight, all wearing shirts with “1–800–273–8255”, which is the phone number for the national suicide prevention hotline. Personally I am not an emotional type of fellow, but it was the mixture of musicality and visuals that caused this performance to almost bring me to tears.

Overall both I and my peers were thoroughly impressed with Logic’s performance at the 2017 VMA’s. For an artist to use his debut on mainstream television to share such a powerful message is nothing short of commendable and bringing out survivors of teen suicide out to share the spotlight with Logic made a deep impact on me. I plan on checking in on Logic’s endeavors in the future, he’s definitely gained new fan in me.

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