I’m 26 yo male graphic designer. Art, music and design has been my passion since forever. I’m from Borneo, Sabah. The opportunity are not so much there for me to grow, so i moved to Singapore for improve my life and career. I’ve always dream of owning a brand / clothing line. In fact, i already have everything prepared and left financial support to move forward to the next step.

I’ve been staying in Singapore for 2 years now. My first job in Singapore is a local advertising agency, worked there for a year plus, slow-paced, churn and burn culture, definitely not a good place for young designer like me, but good place for those who want a simple life. So I decided to quit because I never learn anything.

So last August 15, I joined another local branding agency. I’ve seen their work, they’re really good and really passionate towards art and design. So i guess this is a place for me to grow. But the things went downhill, the first week, second week, third week and by the fourth week, i quit.

Things are not working out because the I’ve been overworked since the first week. The working hour supposed to be 10am to 7pm, I’m fine with staying late til 10pm, but this company is way too much, make me stayed til 4–5am, then when the next day i came in late, the art director said “I never say you can come in late” ever since then when I always come in on time even though i worked late last night, this issue has caused me extreme exhaustion and it makes me lost focus and motivation.

When you super exhausted, surely you cannot perform well, thats what happened to me. I can’t perform well, everything just half hearted job. Then from there they keep on insulting and bashing me. Saying my work attitude is bad. When i voiced out that i needed some rest, the art director said everyone is tired too. They’ve been working from home all the time. Well that’s their problem to be honest. All i wanted is a good rest. They even give me work to do over the weekend. It’s totally way too much for the job load.

The creative director even scolded my work is a fucking bullshit and even a 3 year old retard also can produce my work. There’s one time when i try to talk casually like “hey let’s have lunch together after this meeting” and the art director suddenly got angry and replied me:”hey if your mind is at lunch now, you may leave this meeting room now.” So weird.

Whenever I try to question things that I don’t understand, they would scold me back saying whats the point of hiring me, the things is, when I don’t understand, they should teach me, thats how you grow no?

Not forget that besides working late, they always make me skipped my lunch or dinner.

So on 6th September, I’m supposed to submit my work on 5pm but they keep dragging my work flow and it caused an hour late, after I submitted the work the art director purposely scold me for being slow. Maybe you guys would think why i never fight back, heck, i just feel to tired to even talk back. And then they all went for a company dinner, the art director asked me to stay back for another job to be done, the shittiest part was, he asked me to come out with 2 design options, print it out, bring it to the place where they’re having dinner and show them. WITHIN AN HOUR. God knows all this thing cannot be done in an hour. Even travelling time takes 30–40 mins to reach. He even said he don’t care if i join the company dinner or not. I never had a single meal that day. He knew i was pissed off so he said it in my face: “don’t burn the office down”. At that moment, I was like that’s it man. So i left my working pass and just leave the office, texted my general manager to call it quit, can’t do it anymore.

Okay maybe I have my own fault here, where i just quit without give them a proper notice. So after a week, which is today, my general manager emailed me saying i actually obligated to serve one month if i quit but i just left without notice, so i need to pay up a month salary. Which i cannot afford to pay. They would take a legal action on me and I probably cannot enter Singapore to work anymore. Fuck, this company really destroyed my life. So I set up a meeting tomorrow with him to negotiate about this matter.

TLDR: worked in a shitty company only for a month time and quit because they bullied me now they wanna sue me cos I quit without serving notice. I talk to MOM but they seems like cannot do anything about this.