As her soul left the body, the darkness inside her expanded its territory.

She screamed to those invisible souls surrounding the blistered heart not to strangle her to death.

Where she pleaded them mercy, they settled down for the light in her heart, as vengeance to the mistakes she committed.

They roared in her ears, stumped on her chest, entangled the nerves of her brain, cranked through her limbs and possessed her for eternity.

However, Their right over her was limited; limited by time and extent, as there was still a little hope left in her remnants.

She then stood up on her pierced heels, stretched her paralysed limbs, opened her liquid eyes, and broke the stoned heart allowing the ray of hope to travel through her veins.

It healed the places as it swam through them, and directed the darkness out through the vent.

She thus saved a soul from its haunting past with the little hope she preserved inside the walls of her heart.