Fly on the Wall

Gaze upon the pesky fly on the wall

Thy millions of eyes watching and judging

Tis waiting to view my damnating fall

Delve into hell pesky fly on the wall

Thou struggle and pain give adequate taste

To the winged demon tis still on the wall

Chasing thou dreams from which thou mustn’t crawl

For time tis dead for the fly on the wall

Gazing upon the cruel the lazy the fiends

Yet upon me pesky fly on the wall

Turn thou gaze I deserve not winged demon

Judged by millions of eyes little devil

Thou must be mistaken fly on the wall

For tis lying of my sins I’ve not done

Damnation to the guilty but not I

Blood not upon my hands fly on the wall

You shan’t take me for I have been holy

Leave me be winged demon upon the wall

Thou do torment me with millions of eyes

I say leave me pesky fly on the wall

Thou takes the guilty, the jealous, not I!

The evil the maleficent but not I!

Please I beg you winged demon on the wall

Thy shan’t sleep with a conscious so guilty

Tis not my Damnation fly on the wall

Condemn me not for all you know are lies

Tis an accident trust me I swear it

Thous gaze must turn pesky fly on the wall

Millions of eyes burning into my soul

I shan’t with such guilt carved into me

I shall end it before some pesky fly

Yes my hand not thou pesky little fly

Tis the only way thou shalt feel this peace

Gaze upon me pesky fly on the wall

Thou mustn’t miss thy hand taking this life

A single knot tis all it takes to die

Watch Winged demon with the millions of eyes

Judge me deadly pesky fly on the wall

hung here yet ridiculed by thy damned fly

stop thy whispers of empty denials

pieces of a subtle soul one can’t save

you speak of madness fly upon the wall

leave me be let me become a roamer

without humanity who shall I harm?

Not kings, nor queens, or peasants shall i harm

please leave me fly which sits upon my wall

you’ve swallowed ones life what more could one give

thy presence be riddles ones aching mind

from aching to dying what else thy need?

One’s sanity crossed with insanity?

Art thou I or is the one you say I?

One’s soul is not I’s or is one’s soul I?

Does thou confuse me fly upon the wall?

I shant crawl by dim tricks you pesky fly

Thou still watches I with millions of eye’s?

Maybe it is I that shall take thou soul?

Doesn’t thou agree fly upon the wall?

From sorrow unto rage my spirit goes

Rage against this insect upon my wall

watching and waiting to take thy spirit

but thou shant take mine for i refuse thou

why cant i swat thy fly upon the wall

all one can do is shriek like a banshee

Did I take ones life fly upon the wall?

Did these fingers tie this ones subtle knot?

Why let one hang and not take I from here?

please demon that is perched upon my wall

I give I sheath take me away from here

Insanity will not take ones own mind

Give me to hell thy fly upon the wall

I confess to integrity and lies

I confess to Narcotics and Liquor

I confess to murdering my own love

I confess to taking ones petty life

But thous petty life was my own to take

Tis time to take me fly upon the wall

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