I hope 2018 is difficult and full of problems

I wish that this year is full of joy and happin… no, no.

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What I wish for everyone, including myself, is a year with a lot of problems.

But with the right problems.

Last year was indeed my worst academic year. Although I passed a few important subjects, I haven’t sit for any final in 2017. Yep, zero, null finals.

I came up with an idea to start a big and complex project, hiring a close friend without having any idea of how on earth I was going to make it come true.

On one night, I drank a lot of alcohol and I took some decisions I wouldn’t do sober.

I told Mati Blayer that I wanted to give a Javascript 101 workshop while being so afraid of screw it up.

I went on climbing the Aconcagua to have a beginning of a sort of stroke.

And even after all, these things were the ones that enriched me as a person this year.

The fact that I didn’t have any finals given, made me plan my time better and say no to more distractions so I could present to finals in February 2018.

Along with Fede Galeano we learnt a lot, I mean it, a lot of things that at least I, wouldn’t have learnt so fast if I wouldn’t wanted to transform the idea into a project. I wouldn’t have such cool friendship with him.

A few months ago I decided I wouldn’t drink any more alcohol for the rest of 2018 (with one exception). This gave me a new perspective on the “movement” of “you can have fun without drinking”. Yes, being a bartender I made drinks that I wouldn’t try. It reminded me of when I made asados while being vegetarian by just looking at the colour of the meat and having faith it was ready.

I was in a taxi going to Aerolab’s offices last October to give the Javascript 101 workshop, when I thought “I can still say to the driver to turn around and go back home. I’ll tell them that I fell asleep because anyway, I’ll probably give an average/bad workshop”. Typical Impostor syndrome.

A few minutes afterwards I’d be given my first workshop. I think it went pretty well. Mati, Co, Leo, Meli and other girls and guys as mentors and organizers along with the alumni, made me feel that everything was easier that what I thought it was.

During the Aconcagua Climbing, I realized what solidarity was. How the rescue patrol and guides helped me on the way back to the highest camp when I couldn’t get on my feet, when I couldn’t stand by myself or neither could talk normally (one of the symptom of this kind of beginning of stroke I was having at the time).

But six years of preparation to climb that mountain, the whole effort it took, made it all worth it.

The pattern that is repeated in these experiences is that every single one was a problem at the time. Things that I had no idea how to solve, but that in the end, they ended up being one of the best things that happened to me in this year.

Sharing a cold beer with a friend can be satisfactory, but resolving a really difficult problem with the same friend, having both the will to become a better version of themselves while resolving the problem, I assure you, will be much more rewarding. It is in these moments, when one really connects with another person, when things get complicated and you have to figure how to resolve the whole situation.

And if you thing about it, it make sense. Problems are not bad by themselves. They are only the difference between reality and the one in which you wish you were in. And from that point of view, our dreams are problems as well because they imply this difference between the actual state and the desired one. It also involves a plan to “resolve” it.

The difference in what we called dreams and what we call “bad problems” relies on our perception about it. If we want this problem and we seek it or if we don’t like it and it just shows up in our life.

That’s why when I say I wish you a 2018 full of problems, I refer to those problems that you love to solve. To discover how to learn that new programming language, to investigate how to improve in public speaking, or to create any reality in which you want to be in this year.

Let’s hope for a difficult 2018 and full of problems and that you find the solution to them while making closer relationships and creating amazing experiences.


Twitter: @alekrumkamp

Ranging from APIs to sales funnels, I love building stuff. Full Stack Dev, Project Leader.@javascript_101 @workshopsjs Co-organizer. InfoSys Engineering Student

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