FSC / Fox News: A terror attack in Washington D.C., Israeli Foreign Minister murdered

While the whole world is discussing trade, piracy, drones and the independence of Taiwan, the US has again been under the attack by the terrorists. Israeli Foreign Minister Judd Liss has been assassinated with a shot in the head. The dangerous radicalized Ethiopian Christians claimed the responsibility for the attack.

The groups posted a video on social media, claiming that Ethiopian Christians in Israel have been discriminated against for too long in this Middle East country. The innocent victim they killed was the Jewish national hero from the 4th Intifada. Mr Liss has been transported to the hospital immediately, but died en route. According to Fox&Friends anonymous source, Ethiopian government supports the attack.

The popular opinion in the US is now more than ever supporting the US involvement outside the US region, standing up to Asian oppressive policies and supporting democracies around the world. When asked, people identify Taiwan as the issue, in which the US should intervene to prevent violence from happening and ensure the respect of international law and human rights. It is obvious that another source of danger now comes from the largest country in Africa, attacking the leadership of a sovereign state, which has done nothing but support the US policies in its history. Fox knows that an attack on Israel is an attack on the US. Everyone knows it!

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