FSC / Russia Tomorrow: Press statement by the Grand Patriarchy of Russia on Siberia

The situation in Siberia is severe. The government of the Grand Patriarchy of Russia has notified the public about the happenings in Siberia and published a report.

As the Siberian government mistreated the people they have rediscovered their affection of their Russian heritage. The Siberian government has began to violently oppress anyone that has pro-Russian sentiments. There are mass reports of human rights breaches and recommissions of gulags where the oppressed are sent. The foreign-relations Chairman of the Grand Patriarchy of Russia has made the following statement:

“Our people were misguided by the oligarch terrorists. We always knew this to be true. Even though our people were warned we were very aware of their slippery nature. There will be a strong response from our side as Russia will not tolerate oppression and violence against its people”.
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